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International Patients

At NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute, we realize that International Patients seeking treatment in India have special needs and requirements. In order to provide a highly specialized service, we offer seamless patient services of world-class quality. From the warmth of our greeting at the airport, to the speed of registration and smoothness of discharge, we have set unparalleled service standards.

Once you share themedical reports with us, our team ofdoctors will analyze the same and share their expert opinion on the treatment to be followed. Thiscan be done at the convenience of your residence, on Call / Email / Skype.

Post Consultation
Our experts/coordinators will guide you through the treatment protocol.

Visa and Travel Assistance
We will send you the list of documents and other relevant information that you might require for obtaining the VISA.

Payment Options
Payment is accepted via Credit Card / Debit Card / Cash / Wire Transfer & Bank Details will be provided as per the chosen payment mode.

Airport Transport
Provision of car / ambulance pickup at the airport along with NeuroGen Staff.

Local Transport
Available as per the requirement of the patient.

Admission Process
Our International Desk Team will ensure smooth the process of admission and your stay at NeuroGen. Patient along with the care taker will be accommodated during the entire course of treatment.

Preoperative Investigations
Once you arrive at NeuroGen, tests and special investigations based on our expert's advice will be arranged for you along with ground transport.

Treatment Plan
This will be followed by a complete treatment plan customized on the basis of the patient's condition.

Our aim is to make your travel and stay at NeuroGen as comfortable as possible

A hassle free discharge is ensured as per your flight timings. A detailed discharge summary is also provided to the patient.

Drop at Airport
Patient will be dropped to the airport in car / ambulance accompanied by a member of the NeuroGen hospitality team

Other Travel Related Arrangements
Other arrangements if any, can be made by us. For Eg - Sightseeing, Shopping etc.

If you are flying in from another country, we understand that the process is more complicated with the embassies and visa coming into play



The patient is subjected to basic routine tests for medical fitness and some special imaging and test, based on condition / disorder.

The therapy is done under local anesthesia and a mild sedation. There is no significant pain or discomfort during or after the procedure.

On the seventh day by evening, you would be handed over the discharge summary along with an exercise DVD.An extended stay option for rehabilitation therapy is also available.

Maximum improvements are seen around 3-6 months after the treatment. However, in many patients there are slow progressive improvements that continue for several months / years later. Most patients do show some immediate improvements also i.e. before the discharge, in some of their symptoms.

Stem cell therapy is minimally invasive and reasonably safe. None of our patients have shown any neurological deterioration so far, due stem cell therapy. Some minor side effects, such as headache (spinal headache) lasting 3-4 days which is generally self-limiting, neck/back pain, vomiting, some mild rash or pain at the site of bone marrow aspiration/stem cell injection may occur. These can be managed during the stay at the hospital itself.

No. We have not observed any neurological deterioration in any of our patients due to the stem cell therapy per se. However, it is important to keep in mind that certain neurological disease, e.g. MND, has a natural course of progress, which may continue despite the stem cell therapy. Patients with preexisting medical problems such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiac, respiratory, renal or hepatic problems may have a possibility of deterioration.

The decision to do the therapy a second time is taken after seeing the progress/ improvements after the first therapy. If the patients show some encouraging improvement, then the case is reviewed by the entire medical and rehabilitation team and a second treatment may be recommended. This may be done anytime between 3-6 months of the first therapy.

We have special dietitian/ nutritionist, who will help chart out a diet plan to suit the disease, the patient and the process of Neuroregeneration.

We will review other medications the patient is already on. In most cases, we do not discontinue any already on going treatment. However, this is decided on a case by case basis. Blood thinners like aspirin, clopidrogel, warfarin, etc. needs to be stopped. Please inform us about any medications you are taking beforehand.

In NeuroGen, there are several payment options-both Visa and MasterCard are accepted. The payment can be made in all major currencies; you can transfer the payment to our bank account or you can pay the hospital bills directly through cash.

India is renowned for the top notch medical facilities, state of the art hospitals, world class clinical expertise. All this along with the natural warmth and hospitality of Indians, makes the whole experience of medical treatment worth recommending again and again.

You can reach out to our doctors in India through phone, email and video conference. The consulting doctors would gladly answer all your questions. The doctors at NeuroGen would study your questions and share their expert opinion for the treatment. You will be ensured that selecting India as your destination for your complete medical care was the best option.

Correct answer: Once you reach Mumbai, the complete responsibility of your safety and wellbeing will be taken by us. A member of our staff will be at hand, at the airport to receive you. Thereafter, he will be available to help you with any requirements, such aslocal transportation, currency exchange, local shopping, etc. Apart from that you will be accommodate along with your caretaker in the hospital itself for the duration of the treatment.

You can bring along a relative or a friend to take care of you. Accompanying persons will be offered complementary stay and food at the hospital.

We understand that traveling to another country is not easy. We therefore list the reasons that make the treatment at NeuroGen special, unique and worth making that journey.

  • NeuroGen BSI is the only neurological institute / stem cell facility in the world having 86 clinical scientific publications in medical journals showing the safety and efficacy of cell therapy in incurable neurological disorders. (In fact the world's first published paper showing the clinical results of cell therapy has been published in the prestigious journal 'Stem Cell International' by NeuroGen. In addition, we have published 15th books which establishes the scientific basis of our work.
  • We have the experience of treating over 6500 patients of neurological disorders with cellular therapy from more than 65 countries.
  • We are using autologous bone marrow derived stem cells which are the safest form of cellular therapy. We have a proven and documented track record of safety.
  • Our method of obtaining the cells are minimally invasive and involves only 2 steps using needles. One is to aspirate from the bone and the other is to inject into the spinal fluid in the back. No surgery of any kind is involved.
  • Statistics have shown that, after Stem cell therapy, overall 91% of patients with Autism have shown improvements in social relationships, emotional responses, speech, communication, behavior and hyperactivity. 96% of Stroke patients showed improved upper and lower limb activity, 82% of patients with Spinal Cord Injury showed better Muscle tone, trunk activity, balance and other activities of daily living. In Cerebral Palsy, 92% of treated patients showed improvement in oromoter/ speech, balance, upper limb and lower limb activity. In Muscular dystrophy, which is a progressive disease of the muscles, about 90% of the patients attain stabilization in their progression with improved function.
  • We have a dedicated autism centre (Autism Child Development Centre), where a comprehensive, paediatric neurorehabilitation program is offered in combination with the cell therapy. Apart from all the conventional rehabilitation, such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, counseling, etc., specialized rehabilitation such as aquatic therapy, sensory integration, , applied behaviour analysis, dance-music-art therapy, etc are also available. The senior professionals of this centre are USA qualified and have worked in the USA for many years.
  • The medical, surgical and the laboratory personal looking after the cell therapy are highly qualified and trained professionals with several years of clinical and research experience in the field.
  • We have various accreditations, such as ISO 9001:2008 and our stem cell laboratory is GLP and GMP certified and we having certified as best Best Medical Practice by European Medical Associations. This is an assurance of quality in the various services being offered.
  • Our accommodation facilities are fully equipped and extremely comfortable. Our staff is very warm and responsive making you feel cared for in a home like environment.
  • We have been awarded as best Stem Cell Therapy Centre in India by National Healthcare Excellence Awards.
  • Small conveniences to make your stay pleasant, such as airport pick up and drop, free wifi, laptop, mobile phone with local sim card, laundry services and request for special meals are all arranged.