Disclaimer: At NeuroGen BSI, autologous bone marrow tissue, after minimal manipulation, is grafted by medical practioners as part of routine procedure within the hospital in the same surgical sitting. According to the directives of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare issued under section 33P of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act,1940 this procedure does not involve use of stem cells/ stem cell derived product.



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Deputy Director & Head
of Medical Services

Dr. Nandini Gokulchandran is an M.D. in Microbiology, presently working in the capacity of Deputy Director and Head-Medical Services at Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute, Navi-Mumbai. She completed her graduate and post graduate studies from Government Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur. Subsequently, she did a 4 year post graduate fellowship in the field of Developmental Neurology and stem cell research at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai. Here, she was involved in pure basic research related to the understanding of cortical development in the mammalian brain. Her work done at TIFR, Mumbai has been published in the prestigious Science magazine.

Her work at TIFR brought her close to realizing the potential of stem cells and its possible role in neuroregeneration. Dr Nandini Gokulchandran has co-authored over 10 books and has 52 scientific publications to her credit in journals of national and international reputation. She has also published articles in various magazines across the country on the role of cell therapy in incurable neurological disorders.

Besides her role in academics, she has contributed greatly to the society by participating in workshops, television interviews, movies and other activities to spread awareness about several neurological disorders otherwise unknown to the people.

She brings to Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute an astute amalgamation of medical/clinical background with deep faith and understanding of stem cell research & regenerative medicine.

She is the editor in chief of Indian Journal of Cell Therapy. She is on the board of many ethics committees for stem cell research and therapy.