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NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute is a 11th Floor building located in the serene surroundings of Seawoods adjacent to a lake and the Arabian Sea. It is Located just off the prestigious Palm Beach road and next to India’s largest railway station complex “The Seawoods Grand Central Station. It is easily accessible by road and local train service and close to prestigious 5 star hotels such as Four Point sheraton, Tunga, IBIS and large shopping complexes such as D-Mart and Inorbit.

NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute has been set up to help patients with incurable neurological disorders such as autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury, head injury, stroke, etc. We use a multidisciplinary approach to relieve the symptoms and improve quality of life of such patients.

NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute has been a pioneer for Stem Cell Therapy in Incurable neurological disorders. The use of a holistic and comprehensive approach to treat patients is based on a combination of Stem Cell Therapy and Neuro Rehabilitation. The treatment includes extraction of adult Stem Cells from the patient’s own bone marrow. This is the safest and a highly feasible method due to the type of cells. The treatment protocol is tailored as per the unique needs of the patient’s condition and requirement.

Along with treating our patients, there is also a strong emphasis on research as we constantly endeavor to offer our patients the latest and the best medical treatments. The clinical results of our treatments are all published in peer reviewed medical journals and are easily accessible to both the medical fraternity as well as the patient.

  1. •  Consultation

  2. •  Treatment

  3. •  Rehabilitation Therapy

  4. •  Follow-Up

Consultation with doctors and experts can be done in following manner:

  • In person: Out-patient Department at NeuroGen meets patients on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There are two fixed centers in Mumbai – The main center in Seawoods (Nerul) area and another in Ghatkopar area. The doctors meet out-patients on different days depending on the location. There is an extended OPD center opened in Delhi called as Genesis-NeuroGen, in Hyderabad at Roshni Counselling Center and in Pune Gems specialty clinic where the doctors meet patients once in a month. Along with Pune, Hyderabad and Delhi centers recently there has been many medical camps being conducted in Vijayawada, Elluru, Nasik, Jalgaon, Kolkata, Siliguri, Vishakhapatnam, Trivandrum, etc to cater to patients who cannot reach in our centers.
    Appointments can be taken telephonically on +91 9920 200 400 / 022 4113 6565.
  • Through mail: A patient may either fill the contact form in the contact-us page in website or may send his/her query to along with the relevant details, such as a brief history, past medical records and investigations done. You will get a reply to your query within 24hours on weekdays, either by mail or via a telephone call from our assistant manager medical services officer. Further communication can be carried out thereafter, as per suitability and convenience of both.
  • Telephonically: Doctors at NeuroGen are available to speak to the patients or patients relatives –Monday to Saturday (from 10am to 5 pm). A patient may call anytime to NeuroGen, he/she will get a call-back within 24hrs from our expert team. A patient may call at 022 4113 6565 to get connected with the doctor.

At NeuroGen we use a combination of stem cell therapy and neurorehabilitation. This unique protocol followed at NeuroGen is termed as Neuroregenerative rehabilitation therapy (NRRT). The total hospitalization period is typically for 6 days. Extended stay options for longer rehabilitation are also available.

Broadly the entire treatment is divided into 3 steps:

1. Pre-operative investigations
2. NRRT in the hospital
3. Follow up.

  1. Preoperative investigations

    Once the date for stem cell therapy has been decided, the patient will need to undergo a battery of tests and send us the reports before admission for 2 purposes:

    a) To ensure preoperative fitness: Routine blood tests, such as CBC, Blood sugar, S creatinine, S electrolytes, LFT, CT, BT, PT, HIV I and II antibodies, HbsAg, HCV antibodies.

    b) To assess severity and nature of the disease/disorder (as required): special imaging tests such as MRI Brain, spine, musculoskeletal system, PET CT Scan brain, CT Scan spine; Electrophysiological tests such as EEG, EMG, NCV, SSEP, VEP, BERA; other special tests if required.

    c) Administration of stem cell stimulating factors: Granulocyte Colony Stimulating factor (Grafeel/XPHIL) has to be administered before bone marrow harvesting is done.


  2. Hospitalization and NRRT

    The 6 days of Hospitalization consists of Complete evaluations, Stem cell therapy, Extensive Neurorehabilitation.

    Day 1

    Complete evaluation – Neurological and functional assessment. Special investigations such as MRI, PET-CT scan, EEG(if not done previously) etc. Clinical assessment by therapists is done.

    Day 2

    The stem cell therapy process using autologous (taken from the patient’s own body) bone marrow derived stem cells consists broadly of 3 stages.

    Stem cell therapy is done in 3 steps:

    (a) Procurement of the bone marrow via a bone marrow aspiration in the operating theatre

    (b) Separation and harvesting of the mononuclear cells in the laboratory

    (c) Transplantation or delivery of the cells intrathecally(via a lumbar puncture) into the spinal fluid. In selected conditions, such as muscular dystrophy, cells are also transplanted intramuscularly inti specific motor points.

    Post treatment care: Following the stem cell therapy, patient is required to be lying down for the day and drink plenty of fluids, to prevent, "spinal headache".

    From the very next day, patient is started on an intensive rehabilitation regime, which is customized to the patient requirement.

    Day 3-6

    Extensive Neurorehabilitation – including both adult or pediatric rehabilitation followed by discharge procedure.

    Rehabilitation is an integrated approach which aims to transform a disabled person into a “differently abled person". To accomplish this, we have a team comprising of physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, aquatic therapist, applied behaviors analysis therapist, sensory integration, art-based therapist, play therapist, music therapist, special educator, electro therapist, yoga instructor, hand therapist, neuro-psychologist, urologist, andrologist, and neuro-physician.


  3. Follow-Up

    All the patients are advised to visit NeuroGen for a check-up every three months after discharge. A tentative follow-up date is given to all the patients in their discharge summary, which patients need to confirm telephonically with the NeuroGen call center and reception staff. A home program is given to all the patients at the time of discharge which needs to be followed at home by parents/guardians or other family members of the patient. This home program along with medical and physical assessment if re-viewed and revised in every follow-up.

    Every patient becomes a part of the NeuroGen family. We strive to provide holistic care for all members and ensure that we extend support to them even after the treatment.