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Maayra with her parents and Dr Richa

3 yr old daughter of a General Physician in Raipur, tackles Autism with Stem cells!


Case Report:

NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute Cell Therapy- A New Hope To Help Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder To Come Back To Mainstream

Cell Therapy Treatment Gives Gift Of Life To Raipur's 3 year old Maayra Kumar


Bhilai, May 11, 2018:

Raipur based 3 year old girl child Maayra and a known case of Autism Spectrum Disorder with no family history of Autism or other psychological disorders. Maayra's mother, Dr Priyanka Kumar is a General Physician and father Mr. Anand Kumar is a businessman who is into Camel Milk Distribution business. Since mother is a medical practitioner, she understood her daughters case immediately and addressed the issue at early stage itself.

For Maayra all her motor milestones were normal. Speech development was delayed. Maayra was born by cesarean, a full-term delivery and no complications during birth. After administering first dose of DPT vaccine, she suffered febrile convulsion with fever shooting up to 103 degree F. Thereafter, she faced about 6-7 such episodes. "We consulted many doctors, but all of them suggested to administer common fever medicines and wait until the age of 6 years, as, such issues are common in developing children. No further investigations were recommended and all that we were asked to do is wait." says Dr. Priyanka, Maayra's mother.

Fourth month onwards, Maayra's parents started suspecting certain abnormalities in her behavior and development. Although she started going to a normal nursery school, at the age of 2 years onwards, she showed no improvements in doing her Activities of Daily Living and following commands. Hence, she was being trained by an Occupational and Speech Therapist at home.

NeuroGen, was suggested to Maayra's parents by the treating Occupational Therapist by a further reference of a friend, whose child had been successfully treated for Autism with Cell Therapy followed by neurorehabilitation at NeuroGen. Thereafter, Maayra's parents further enquired and searched about NeuroGen and finally approached during the beginning of the year 2017.

Upon reaching NeuroGen, various diagnostic tests were conducted, and Autism was confirmed. During April 2017, Maayra underwent the first session of Cell Therapy at NeuroGen followed by extensive Neurorehabilitation, even at home. This accelerated her responsiveness towards commands, gait and understanding. Considering the improvements, Maayra's parents decided to administer second round of Cell therapy, which was conducted in March 2018.

The chief complaints found in Maayra during examination in February 2017 were that her attention span was mood dependent. She required repeated instructions to follow commands. Her cognition and problem solving skills were not age-appropriate. Her learning was slow. She did not engage in independent or functional play. She used to laugh without any reason. There was limited social interaction. Sitting tolerance was about 20 minutes. She used to get engaged in finger wriggling and repeatedly knocking on the door, She used to get engaged in biting others and hitting peers while playing. She was also throwing things. Her speech was limited to sounds and a few words. She could not understand non-verbal communication. She could not convey her needs. She was sensitive to sounds. Her appetite was poor. She had rickets in her legs. She was not toilet trained. She was dependent for her Activities of Daily Living.

At NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute, Maayra underwent Cell Therapy along with a customized rehabilitation program. The aim of the rehabilitation program was to develop cognition and understanding, therapies to reduce the hyperactivity and to increase the concentration, command following and to increase overall intellectual ability of the patient. She was given exercises that would help her improve understanding, address her behavior, sensory and motor issues. She was given a combination program with occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy and psychological counseling under the guidance of the most experienced professionals in the field. This helped her to help develop her overall skills, abilities and overall development. These exercises carried out in a systematic pattern with sufficient rest intervals to the patient. Together, the aim of the rehabilitation program was to improve her overall quality of life. Occupational therapy and rehabilitation taught at NeuroGen were continued after going home.

The improvements seen in Maayra after Cell therapy were that her eye contact has improved, she is able to maintain it for a longer duration. Social interaction has improved, and she is able to socialize when her name is called out. She tries to play with familiar children, and her cognition has improved. She can now recognize colors, numbers, alphabets. Attention and concentration has improved. Recent memory has improved. Remote memory has improved. Learning has improved, and she is able to learn new things. Command following has improved, and she is able to follow one step simple command with repeated prompts. Problem solving has improved, and she tries to engage in problem solving. Awareness has improved, environmental awareness is better than before. Her understanding of relationships has improved. Speech has improved and attempts to speak. Communication has improved; she indicates things verbally. Her hyperactivity has reduced. Responses have improved, laughing without reason has reduced. Sitting tolerance has improved, she has started sitting through a task. Has started swimming, she has learnt to hold pencil, i.e. her fine motor activity has improved.

"We are happy with the improvement seen in Maayra after Cell Therapy sessions and understand the importance of Neurorehabilitation. We appeal to the government to spread awareness about such disorders and stress on how helpful Cell Therapy can be in treating such cases. As responsible citizens, we are contributing our share of responsibility towards this society by establishing "Sky Kid Care Academy", which is a platform for other socially disabled children cope up with their difficulties by providing rehabilitation therapies at a much cheaper rate in tie up with the government of Chhattisgarh", expresses Dr. Priyanka and Mr. Anand, Maayra's parents.

Dr Richa Bansod further said "Autism causes impairments in higher mental functions and causes the children to be hyperactive and aggressive and so affects their social interactions. Speech, language and communication skill are severely impaired. These children cannot go to normal schools and are completely dependent on parents and caretakers for activities of daily living. Having a child with Autism severely affects the emotional, social and financial aspects of the entire family. It is more commonly observed in boys than in girls. The onset of symptoms is generally noted before the age of 3 years in children, although in many cases it is noticed at a much older age. The exact etiology and pathophysiology remains poorly understood, however research has pointed to several possible factors, like genetics, metabolic or neurological factors, certain types of infections, prenatal or postnatal environment, etc."

Added Dr Alok Sharma, "Cell therapy is emerging as one of the newer treatment options for autism. This treatment has the potential to repair the damaged neural tissue at molecular, structural and functional level."