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Akshat Chand with his parents and Dr Nandini

Bhubaneswar Boy with Cerebral Palsy finds his way with Stem cells!


4 year old Akshat Chand’s parents share their son’s journey with stem cell therapy and NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute at a Press Conference with the hospital’s Deputy Director and Head of Medical Services, Dr Nandini Gokulchandran, at Bhubaneswar.

Kushal with his mother and Dr Nandini Gokulchandran at Karnataka Press Conference

Bengaluru Boy Kushal battles Muscular Dystrophy with Stem Cells


Muscular Dystrophy teen from Bengaluru, K R Kushal, shares his incredible story at a Press Conference in Karnataka, with Dr Nandini Gokulchandran, Deputy Director & Head of Medical Services of NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute.

Maayra with her parents and Dr Richa

3 yr old daughter of a General Physician in Raipur, tackles Autism with Stem cells!


Daughter of Raipur based doctor and businessman, at Bhilai Press Conference, with Dr Richa Bansod of NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute, where her family shares her journey with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Stem Cells.

Vidushi with Dr Nandini at Varanasi

7 year old Cerebral palsy child from Varanasi experiences the wonder of Stem cells!


Dr Nandini Gokulchandran from NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute from Mumbai, introduces 7 year old Vidushi with Cerebral Palsy, at a Press Conference in Varanasi, and explains the improvements seen in cerebral palsy cases with Stem cells.

Virali Modi with Dr AKS for Ahmedabad Conference

Journey of Virali Modi - Clinically Dead to Fierce Disability Rights Activist


A young 26 year old American Indian girl, who was declared clinically dead thrice in US, took Ahmedabad by storm at a Press Conference with NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute Director, Dr. Alok Sharma, after she was treated with Stem cell therapy, which has paved the way for her to achieve a new life.