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Vidushi with Dr Nandini at Varanasi

7 year old Cerebral palsy child from Varanasi experiences the wonder of Stem cells!


Case Report:

Cell Therapy gives hope of recovery for girl with Cerebral Palsy from Varanasi

Family of 7 year old child from Varanasi with Cerebral Palsy discovers the power of Stem cell therapy at NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute


Varanasi, March 14th, 2018.

Vidushi is a 7 years old girl from Varanasi and a known case of Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy. Vidushi was born by a planned caesarean delivery at the 8th month as her mother suffered hypertension and diabetes. She also experienced seizures during the 7th month of her pregnancy. Vidushi suffered from pathological jaundice immediately after birth for which she was kept in NICU for about a week followed by typhoid and seizures at the age of 1.5 years.

Vidushi started showing an overall delayed development but her parents assumed its normal for Vidushi to develop little late. "It's in our family history for children to start walking late. All my siblings and Vidushi's older siblings have started sitting, standing and walking late generally. Hence, we neglected Vidushi's delayed developments initially" - said Mr.Yash (Vidushi's father) However, upon showing no improvement until the age of 3, she was taken to a local paediatric doctor and was diagnosed as a case of cerebral palsy through MRI scanning. Mr. Yash thereafter started giving physiotherapy sessions at home as advised by the doctor for her betterment. By then, Vidushi could only speak and sit upright but couldn't walk. "We were shocked to know that Vidushi had such big issues and it was a little difficult for us to accept it because there is no history of Cerebral Palsy or any other psychological disorder in the family." says Mr.Yash.

Vidushi was also shown to an International doctor who suggested ‘Botox' and various other allopathic medicines, which is otherwise a conventional treatment for spasticity in Cerebral Palsy. Mr. Yash did not agree to conducting such treatments on Vidushi and decided not to opt for any Ayurvedic or Homeopathic medications. However, Mr. Yash was vigilant enough to enhance his knowledge further and came across Cell Therapy' through internet. Mr. Yash visited NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute where he met Dr. Alok Sharma and Dr.Nandini Gokulchandran in Oct 2016 and upon consulting them, he gained a belief in the power of stem cells. "Dr. Alok Sharma and Dr.Nandini Gokulchandran showed us a new horizon in Vidushi's treatment. I was now confident that my daughter would walk soon",says Mr.Yash.

Vidushi was given 'Cell Therapy' followed by extensive ‘Neuro-rehabilitation' in March 2017.

Chief Complaints:

  • Her upper limb voluntary control was fair but her lower limb voluntary control was poor.

  • She had spasticity in her legs

  • Coordinated movement between trunk, hands and legs were affected

  • She used to walk with improper pattern

  • Her sitting and standing posture was improper

  • She had poor sitting balance

  • Her attention and concentration was average.

  • She follows basic commands within her reach.

  • Her cognition and problem solving was not age appropriate.

  • Her fine motor skills were poor.

  • She needed assistance for daily basic activities.

  • Her play behavior and communication was poor.

At NeuroGen, Vidushi underwent Cell Therapy along with a customized rehabilitation program. The aim of the rehabilitation program was to develop normal motor milestones, therapies to develop transitions, activities to improve weight bearing , therapeutic activities to normalize tone, therapeutic activities to initiate hand function and to increase overall ability of the patient. She was given exercises that would help her improve her understanding, address her needs and motor issues. She was given a combination program with occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy and psychological counselling under the guidance of the most experienced professionals in the field. This helped her to develop overall skills, abilities and development. These exercises are carried out in a systematic pattern with sufficient rest intervals. Together, the aim of the rehabilitation program was to improve her overall quality of life. Mr. and Mrs. Yash found new hope with NeuroGen's Cell Therapy. They were motivated and positive for their child after going back. Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and rehabilitation taught at NeuroGen were continued.

Progress after Cell Treatment :

  • There is improvement in sitting, supine and standing posture. Earlier she would keep knees in flexion in supine, now she keeps them straight.

  • She can sit erect now.

  • In standing, her crouch has decreased. Her base of support has reduced in standing and kneel standing. Her transitions from posture have become smoother and faster. Earlier she would require assistance for sit to stand, now she can perform it independently. Earlier she would stand only for a few seconds, now she can independently for 40 seconds.

  • Her weight bearing has improved

  • Her voluntary control has improved

  • Her balance has improved

  • Her gait has improved.

  • Play behaviour has improved

  • Her communication has improved

  • She has shown improvements in higher mental functions

  • Her communication has improved.

  • Her cognition has improved with significant changes in comprehension and grasping power.

  • Her long-term memory has also shown improvements.

  • Walking balance has improved. She can walk independently for about 200 steps. Her hand functions have improved

  • Cognitive and creative skills have increased.

  • Motor skills and responsiveness has enhanced.

  • Follows commands pretty well.

  • Became self sustainable.

  • Increase in attention and concentration leading to better learning.

Currently Vidushi is undergoing 2-3 hrs physiotherapy sessions at home. She has started with schooling in a normal school. She likes studying and likes going to school. With the overwhelming recovery, Vidushi's parents decided to make Vidushi undergo a second session of cell therapy at NeuroGen. "Vidushi has taken a long leap in her improvement graph ever since Cell Therapy' was conducted, she goes to a normal school and leads a happy life. We are very happy with her progress. We are satisfied with our experience with NeuroGen's cell therapy, the doctors and therapists there really guided all the patients very well. I would definitely recommend this treatment to other parents and ask them to not lose hope" concludes Mr. Yash.